Services: When Brand X Republic is commissioned and engaged in the business of providing graphic design, website design and development services by the Client, Brand X Republic will provide the goods and/or services and list-of-includes detailed on the Client Proposal.
Terms & Timeline: The term of all projects will commence on the date that the Client issues the standard fifty percent (50%) deposit and shall not exceed sixty (60) days, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing or electronic signature by both Parties. 
Our standard rate for any additional changes to all design materials after Client written confirmation of acceptance of the project is invoiced at $125 per hour or as otherwise provided on Brand X Republic Menu of Services. No additional work shall commence without the acceptance and written approval of the Client.
All content (i.e., text, images, video, audio) must be submitted by the Client in a timely manner or within fifteen (15) days of the paid deposit date. If the Client does not submit all of the content materials needed for the project, the time-line may be adjusted to accommodate a reasonable desired date agreed upon by both Parties, however, if the project exceeds sixty (60) days, the Client must pay a fifty percent (50%) payment of the remaining final balance to continue with the project.
Payment: A deposit of fifty percent (50%) is due upon signing the Standard Agreement(s) with Brand X Republic (Phase 1). The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project(s) as described in the Proposal and within five (5) business days of the invoice date submitted to and received by the Client.
Stock Images: Any and all stock imagery the Client wishes to include in the website must be paid and provide by the Client. Brand X Republic may be hired to search for stock images within stock image websites (i.e.,,, for a fee of $25 per hour (such services subject to Client’s prior written approval).
Final Artwork (Print Materials): Upon receipt of final payment of the project price, Brand X Republic will provide to the Client all native and print-ready artwork in all formats for the Client’s ownership within 24 hours of receipt.
Final Website (Launch): Upon receipt of final payment of the project price, Brand X Republic will upload the Client website to its hosting provider and provide all native artwork in all formats and web-hosting credentials for the Client’s ownership within 24 hours of receipt.
Early Contract Termination: Upon termination by Client without cause, the Client forfeits all deposits and payments made through the duration of the project phase. And upon either termination or completion of project, Agency will close the project and transfer and/or assign to Client: (1) all Work Product in Agency's possession or control belonging to Client, subject, however, to any rights of third parties; and (2) all contracts with third parties upon being duly released by Client and any such third party from any further obligations.
The Parties’ representations; indemnity: When Brand X Republic is commissioned and engaged in business with the Client, the Client warrants that it has the legal right to use or display any information that it provided to Brand X Republic for inclusion in the website or print design collateral. The Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Brand X Republic, its directors, officers, or employees, from any claim of liability brought against Brand X Republic, whether for copyright or trademark infringement or otherwise, arising from the use of information supplied by the Client for inclusion in the website or print design collateral, except to the extent of Brand X Republic's negligence or willful misconduct. The Client retains any and all rights (including copyright) it may have in the material submitted to Brand X Republic for inclusion in the website.
Independent Contractor: All directors, officers, and employees of Brand X Republic shall be deemed for all purposes as independent contractor and not as employees of the Client. Nothing in this Agreement shall establish an agency, partnership, joint venture or employee relationship between the directors, officers, or employees of Brand X Republic and the Client.
Policy Changes: Brand X Republic reserves the right to update or change our Company Policy at any time and any and all perspective clients should check this Company Policy periodically. The Client’s continued use of Service after Brand X Republic posts any modifications to the Company Policy will not be affected if already engaged in a project and doing business with Brand X Republic. If a Client wishes to engage in doing business or start a new project, the Company Policy on this web page will constitute your acknowledgment of the policy and of any and all modifications and your consent to abide and be bound by the Company Policy. If we make any material changes to this Company Policy, we will notify you through the email address you have provided to Brand X Republic.
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